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About Us

Our Mission

We hear about it every day – the hiring process is broken for candidates, for hiring managers, for people from the many groups who are marginalized and underrepresented in the tech industry. Whether you are from a traditionally underrepresented group or an advocate passionate about the issue, we have all been working hard to fix it from many angles. Most companies still lack the diversity in their pipeline and on their teams necessary to create an environment that is fully welcoming and inclusive across the organization. We see pockets of hope and we are making progress every day. However that progress is slow and until there is a more dramatic change, people will continue to suffer – staying longer than they would like in jobs that aren’t healthy, struggling to find a new job in spite of their talent, skills and experience, and many talented people will end up leaving the industry feeling as though that is the best option.

Many of us know what the problems are and have been taking the right steps where and how we can – by speaking up on social networks, at conferences, and doing the hard work and taking on the emotional labor to make impactful changes in the companies that we work at. However, hiring managers are working through fragmented communities to find talent, and engineers are spending exorbitant amounts of time to find companies that have inclusive cultures while continuing to deliver in their current jobs and also jumping through hoops for each interview process that has a chance of delivering on their needs and wants. This process is time consuming, often adversarial, competitive, lonely, and daunting for everyone involved, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

What if we were able to change the equation? What if we could create a community where diversity was our power? What if that community acknowledged that jobs are much more fluid and its everyone’s best interest to make the hiring process positive, supportive, and efficient? What if you didn’t have to feel apprehensive about interviewing because you knew that you had a community of people that were supporting you throughout the process and were there to help you showcase your skills and talents at their best? What if that community was able to streamline the interview process, so that less time was spent on homework assignments for every job and more time was spent onsite with companies who were also committed to making your interview experience positive, supportive and educational.

The Hiring Collective is working to make all of these things possible by establishing a powerful network of diverse engineers committed to positive change. If any of this resonates with you, please join us to support the collective and create a new dynamic that has the power to change an industry.

Who we are

We are diverse community of engineers and technical leaders looking for new opportunities, hiring, mentoring, advocating for and dedicated to making the hiring process a positive and supportive environment for everyone to demonstrate their abilities.

Join the Hiring Collective

Diverse, Marginalized and Inclusive Job Seekers

If you identify with our mission and want to see what we are all about, whether you are an active or passive job seeker, join our community and tell us more about how we can help you look forward to your next job search or support you through the interview process. We are just getting started and need people who are passionate about our mission to join. Our aim is to have mentors who will be available to pair with you to record sessions and build a library of sessions to showcase your skills for hiring managers to get to know you through your code.

Engaged and Empathetic Hiring Managers

We know from experience that hiring managers who are engaged through the hiring process are more likely to create positive experiences for candidates that minimize bias and promote inclusive environments. It takes a lot of work from tech leaders and managers to create inclusive teams and structured interview processes, so our platform is focused on working with hiring managers committed to improving the outcomes, not just for their team, but for the industry. If that sounds like something that you are doing already, we’d love to have you join the community and help make good use of your time and your commitments. We ask for hiring managers to commit to mentoring, which means pairing with job seekers on any problems, while also finding people who are a fit for your positions.

We are in the very early stage of building out the community so we are looking for people who want to come with ideas to help make it into something great.

Advocates & Allies

Advocates are an essential part of change, and our community aims to be inclusive to anyone who is here to support our mission. We need all the help that we can get. If you are committed to helping build diverse and inclusive teams and want to get involved or have ideas, we want to hear from you as well.

Principles & Practices for Improving Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

All of the companies that join The Hiring Collective are required to follow the principles and practices outlined in our charter that we have found lead to better hiring experiences and more inclusive teams. (details coming soon)

Companies vetted through our whisper network

We know that the whisper network is a powerful tool for understanding whether the people and teams live by the values their companies espouse. We rely on our network to vet all of our companies before they are accepted for hiring privileges. We will provide feedback to companies that are not accepted to give them the information they need to make positive changes internally before joining the collective.

Support the Hiring Collective


We are currently seeking companies for Founding Memberships to support the platform and community development. Founding Memberships provide the following benefits:

  • Unlimited hires
  • 10 year locked in rate
  • Recognition as a leader in DEI by our whisper network and placement on our site
Tech Organizations & Clubs

We are seeking partnerships and support from diversity related tech organizations. We aim to be their recommended choice for their members’ seeking jobs and hiring managers go to spot for finding great talent. As a partner, we offer:

  • A stipend from the sponsorship fund in your organization’s name
  • Placement on our website
  • Additional benefits considered on an ongoing basis
Educational Institutions

High Schools, Universities, Vocational Schools, Boot camps, and other educational institutions are invited to work with us on partnership opportunities.

The Collective in Action

Pairing sessions with experienced mentors to streamline hiring process and reduce stress

Anonymized and select personal information to minimize bias

A sponsorship fund to ensure everyone has the support they need

Lead, join, and create cohorts to demonstrate additional skills and work on focused feature sets

Connect with hiring managers from companies vetted for DEI practices

Seamlessly transition between mentoring, hiring, and interviewing

Contribute new features to the platform to learn new skills, demonstrate abilities, and support the community

Team based hiring options

Bonus paid directly to candidates upon accepting offer

Move directly to onsite interviews knowing that the company is committed to our hiring practices to ensure a positive experience

Members control what skills, diversity, and roles they want to show

Weekly showcases to celebrate, demonstrate, and connect