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We hope you will take a minute to tell us a little about yourself or your organization, how you can contribute to our mission, and how we can help you and the groups that you identify with and advocate for. Technical individuals and hiring managers will be invited to join our slack community as we work to build the collective soul and the platform, understand different perspectives, and ensure we have the support to make the community successful. We will follow up directly with employers and organizations regarding partnership and membership opportunities.


Anyone who identifies with one or more underrepresented and marginalized groups in tech and works in a technical role is invited to join our collective in our efforts to support and inspire each other through the hiring process as we work to change a system that is broken. You can join to meet people, find candidates, find mentors, practice and showcase your skills, meet hiring managers, or contribute in other meaningful ways to the conversation, the platform, and the community. After submitting your information, we will invite you to join our slack group, so we can start collaborating.

Hiring managers and advocates who are not part of an underrepresented group are encouraged to work with their employers to support the collective before joining. For those who are willing to make significant contributions to the community and have been visible advocates towards our mission, we would love to talk to you about how we can work together.

Employers and Organizations

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